Merchant Requirements

Accepting PayFQ online, merchants should have fulfilled the PayFQ standard of merchant requirements below.

Merchant Requirements

PayFQ will not accept online merchants offering goods and/or services below:

  1. Goods or services related to gambling or lotteries from unregistered company.
  2. Services based on telephone or chat service regarded as pornographic or sexual in nature in any way.
  3. Goods or services considered illegal under the laws of the country or area where cardmembers reside.

Merchant dealing with the following merchandise would have to consult with us in more details:

  1. Food, supplements, or equipment used to promote or improve health.
  2. Goods or commodities which cause market fluctuations in prices ( Ex: gold, platinum, stocks etc.)
  3. Cosmetics and drugs which could be confiscated by customs of the country where cardmembers reside.

Security Requirement

In order to protect transaction data including cardmember’s information during transmission between the cardmember and the merchant or third party payment processor, merchants must use SSL or other industry-recognized encryption and firewalls.